What is Veda?

Veda is a way of working together.

The first time weWho are we? See this page. called ourselves a cooperative was on September 9th, 2017. We wanted to work together. Long before we spoke about what we would do, that was clear. Before we even met, we started to study simple methods of management and organization, so we would have a common language, and we would know what we’re getting into.

We were a team of three. At the start, one of us was the boss, telling the others what to do. The first thing the boss did was to train the others in a very simple way of deciding by consent, so that, after a couple months, there wasn’t any reason for one to be the boss anymore. We all knew how to make decisions that we would all go along with, so we didn’t need anyone to make decisions for us.

Meanwhile, we were learning to speak the truth. We were the most impractical working team you can imagine. We didn’t say one word about work until we had told our life stories. We always spoke up when something felt especially wrong, or especially right. It was important to know who we were, and what we truly cared about, if we were going to work together. We weren’t going to make the mistake of working for anything other than that which we care about more than anything else.

What do we care about? Many things.

We care about people. We see that we live in a world where very many people are displaced: removed from home against their will, whether by war, climate, economics, or even the invisible effect of living in a place where people simply don’t trust each other.

We care about places. We see that the places people once cared for are being abandoned, and mistreated. Farmlands were exploited until the soil could bear no life, villages were deserted for the promise of the city, and wilderlands, once held sacred, were cut down for raw material.

We care about material. We see material being wasted, used to make things no one cares about, which are sold to make profits to pay for the business of making more waste. Since we don’t care about the things we sell each other, we throw them away. They go into the landfills, and the oceans, and every place that isn’t cared for. All of that material is treasure, to those who have the knowledge to use it.

We care about knowledge.

We see knowledge scattered all over the world. Together we know much more than any of us knows. As individuals, we know almost nothing. As a planet, we know more than enough to make anything possible. No matter what there is to be done, there is a way of doing it. All we have to do is ask: who knows the way?

If we don’t know the way, do we know who does?

If we don’t know who knows, do we know how to learn?

We’re all born knowing how to learn. Later we might be punished for it, and learn the fear that stops us from learning. We can just as easily unlearn that fear, and continue our lives in the knowledge that we can do anything, because we can learn anything.

When we come to the knowledge of our own power, we are then faced with the question of what to do with it. We see all the trouble that’s been caused by people in power, and we don’t want to do things the same way. When we are in power, and we want to use our power well, we have to ask ourselves: how do we work together?

Veda is a way of working together. It’s a body of knowledge. Developing that body of knowledge is a project in itself, and it’s a project that provides a path which many other projects can follow.

The first step on this path is to connect with other people, gather a team: a few people who are committed to working together, and to continuously improving their way of working together.

The second step is to connect with other teams, so all these teams can work together as one cooperative to care for everything we care about.

The third step is to connect with other cooperatives and organizations, with other communities and cultures, and with the world as a whole, and ask:

What can we offer you?

What is Veda? - Veda Cooperative