Reorganized Topics

Announcement — September 5, 2017 — language, organization, learning

The posts on this blog are connected by threads of meaning, which I call “core topics”. I try to make these visible by tagging them with certain key words. For example, language is one. Organization is another.

I just changed these, for twenty-six posts.

In the process I removed three tags entirely: community, chaos and education.Those threads of meaning still exist; I just chose to stop underlining them, because I think it makes the whole work a little better, the way it turned out.

Instead, I added a new tag: learning.

It seems appropriate to emphasize this topic, given that I’m moving this blog toward becoming a communication platform for a cooperative that holds kaizen as its highest value.

I chose the word “learning”, though, instead of “kaizen”, because the meaning is more accessible to a wide audience.I could have chosen “improvement”, but I prefer “learning”. It’s closer to the heart of what life is about.

So far, I’ve only written one post that really addresses learning directly.I think it’s the angriest post on the blog, to date. Most of the education posts carry a lot of anger. I expect this to change.

Let it be known: I intend to write more.

Reorganized Topics - September 5, 2017 - Veda Cooperative