Regenerative Culture

Article — May 24, 2017 — lucidity, language, trust

I want to make my own attempt at answering the three questions I gave you before.

They were:Thanks to Cedric, Marc, Barbara and Joe for answering!

Can you imagine the world I want to go to? If so,

Do you want to go there with me? If so,

What’s the first step you think we should take?

Here we are. (source)
I imagine a world where, compared to the world we live in today, there is ten thousand times less suffering and ten thousand times more life.

By “suffering”, I mean fear, attachment, ignorance, violence and disease.

By “life”, I mean consciousness, creativity, diversity, transformation, passion and compassion.

I mean being a child among children, laughing at the stumbling robot you built from things lying around, playing with the pigs and the old tiger from the bamboo forest in the neighborhood.

I mean walking into an underground chamber, making offerings at an altar older than your bloodline, summoning a live holographic representation of the thoughts you think, and reaching your hands out to reshape the neural connections of your reality.

I mean startling awake from a dream where you fell from the sky, then jumping out of bed, jumping out the window, and soaring through the chill morning air to join a flock of friends in waking reality – looking to the hills and forests below, your megacity, with its hundreds of millions of citizens of all species, and unknowably more left uncounted, all thriving in the harmonic symbiosis of an ecosystem already evolved to a peak of complexity and richness beyond anything the Earth had known before.

I mean knowing that you’ll die one day, and knowing that day won’t ever come until you want it to.

It’s a challenge just to imagine a world different enough from the present to be one that might exist twenty years from now. (source)
I don’t know how long it’s going to take to reach that world. I don’t know how far away it is, or

I only know that, assuming we reach it at all, we’re coming to it much sooner than most people would ever expect.

The next step I see is to build communities of regenerative culture.

By “communities” I mean groups connected by having something in common, such as a place, a purpose, or a culture.

By “culture” I mean the system of language, beliefs and habits that constitutes the lived experience and behavior of a community.

Never injured. Always learning. (source)
By “regenerative” I mean the quality of continuous vital re-creation, where new dreams are constantly being born, where death means change rather than loss, and where the whole system develops greater and greater aliveness and consciousness through experimentation and discovery of truth.

That’s the general direction, in my mind.

Having answered some questions, or tried to, I’d better ask some more:

What are you doing now, which you would call “regenerative culture”?

What do you wish you were doing, beyond that?

What do you need, to make that wish come true?

Regenerative Culture - May 24, 2017 - Veda Cooperative