Guide to Veda Methods

This page serves as an index to our documented methods. We write how we do things, returning often to review what we’ve written, remember what we forgot, and rewrite what we’ve improved.

We define Veda as a way of working together, and by “way” we mean the same as “method”. We aim to describe Veda completely in a few simple words and images. Toward that aim, we wrote a method booklet that we call our guide to working together.Our guide to working together was written without much thought, and hasn’t been reviewed by our whole cooperative yet. Our method booklets are intended to represent the voice of all of us, and this isn’t true yet.

Our methods are documented in what we call method booklets. We intend to make these printable, on A4 pages which can then be cut and folded into booklets of eight A7 pages. Two of those pages are dedicated to a cover image, and the remaining six are half text, half images.

Each method booklet describes, in order:

For now, we only provide an unordered list of links to the method booklets that have been written. None of them have images yet; you will see the Veda logo as a placeholder.

The list is below:

Guide to Veda Methods - Veda Cooperative