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Journal — January 22, 2017 — learning, trust

I’m not happy with the first post I wrote on education. I think it shows a habit I want to let go of: the “voice of God”
I only wrote it down. If you have something to say about it, go to church. (source)
writing style, where I state The Absolute Truth and give no space for response.

Why did I develop that habit? Because I didn’t have the will to receive responses, and I needed a way to protect myself from them. It’s an old habit, and I wasn’t aware that I was still doing it, even now that I’m secure enough in myself to invite being called outIncidentally, this is my first post on after installing a comment system. I’m totally comfortable with the idea of you using it. Church is pretty great, too, though. Think about it. as the fool/liar I sometimes am. This morning someone pointed it out to me – in a really sweet, unpretentious, no-blame way – for which I am tremendously grateful.

On another note, I still didn’t have that aforementioned conversation with the wise woman, but yesterday I had a conversation with another wise woman. She helped me move a couple of my most urgent questions: the question about love, which I still want to talk with that first wise woman about, and the question about “education”.
“Education”. (source)

She had a position as an educator, in Tamera in 2016. I almost always wince around “education”, but, listening to her story of the experience, I believe what she did in that time really was education,
Education. (source)
without quote marks.

She knows how to learn. She’s one of the very few people I’ve met that I can say that about.

In the first post I shared this excerpt from the Xunzi:

不闻不若闻之, Not to hear is not as good as to hear it,
闻之不若见之, to hear it is not as good as to see it,
见之不若知之, to see it is not as good as to know it,
知之不若行之。 to know it is not as good as to work it.

Over generations and across cultures, it seems to have mutated into this:Plug it into some search engines. They love it! So many results! So many opinions! So many well-intentioned teachers, wishing to involve their students more, and so few who take the next step of realizing the concept of school itself is what stands in the way.

Tell me, and I forget.

Show me, and I remember.

Involve me, and I understand.

This formulation is a bit more useful, if your aim is to educate other people, and not only yourself.

I’m deeply bothered by the "education" I see in Tamera,An incomplete list of important institutions in Tamera: Love School. School Mirja. Akron School. Thinking School. I sense a common enthusiasm that I do not share. and I’m far from the only one; in the last few months there’s been a great deal of collective thought put into how to change it.

That hasn’t comforted me, though. As far as I can tell the general movement is toward a system that more closely reproduces what you find in every school and every university – an intensification of the same patterns I already see here, every day:

Finally done learning to be a revolutionary model for a future without war. Let’s go get drunk! (source)

In such systems, no one really learns anything except how to play the roles of student and teacher.

I was struggling to see how I could continue in Tamera, with so many people who have an idea of education so radically differentI will write “different” here, to disguise the fact that I really mean “stupid” and “wrong”. from mine, until that conversation yesterday, where I realized: next year there will be someone leading one of these crazy pseudo-classrooms who actually knows how to learn. Which means she knows what helps others learn, too.

I would like to be in the same group as her. I can easily imagine she’ll find ways to subvert the system she’s in, especially with savvy “students” around her.I try to be savvy. I’ll let you call me a student, but I’m certainly not going to act like one, if that gets in the way of learning. I don’t know if I actually will be in her group; the people around me expect I’ll be in another group entirely, where my vision isn’t quite so optimistic, but that doesn’t matter to me nearly as much to me now.

I can see that somewhere, someone will be doing it the right way. I don’t mind if I don’t happen to be in that place. It only means I have different work to do.I can try to improve things wherever I am, and it’s much easier if I have healthy examples nearby. If I would complain about working in a toxic waste dump beside an ecotopian palace, you’d be right to call my commitment to healing into question.

I still hope to be somewhere I enjoy being, though.

As a young person, who can, I think, speak for many others, I want to send a general wish out into the universe:

I don’t want to be taught. I want to be involved.

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