Threshold of Action

Journal — April 23, 2017 — trust, lucidity, organization

I feel like something is about to happen.

As I gradually develop a stronger and stronger will to arrive, I find myself experiencing this sensation more often and more acutely.

Sometimes, I even think about knocking. (source)
I still don’t cross the threshold, more often than not. I come just to the edge.

As one example, it seems like it’s time for me to publicize this blog. The original intention of it was to build a common language, and hiding its existence doesn’t serve that goal.

I’ve been playing with ideas of how to do it. It could be as simple as broadcasting a message to everyone I know, saying, “here I am”. I think I can do better than this, though.

I can, at the very least, ask you to leave comments, having now built up the will to receive them.

The right book in the right hands can reshape the world. (source)
At the other extreme, I’m considering signing up with Book in a Box, with the aim of attracting a dedicated readership a year or so later.

A handful of thoughts lie at the core of everything I write here. What would happen if I put all those thoughts in a book, and let that book be read by a large number of people?

Could I hold that kind of attention? What would I do with it?

Metcalfe’s law: the value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of nodes. That’s assuming each node actually knows the others exist, though. (source)
I think, before I can make a sincere invitation, I would need some idea of where I want you to go. I would need a program that goes beyond “please read what I write and leave comments”, yet doesn’t leap all the way to “build a whole new world” in one step.

One idea was to create a page here with a list of profiles, belonging to all the people in my life who consent to be public figures. It would provide a platform where a network could emerge, with communication between many different people in it, and not only between me and others.

The question is, where would I wish that network to direct its effort?

I want more people to live the way I live, because, compared to what’s normal for almost anyone alive in this day and age, I live in paradise.

I want more intelligence working to develop this way of life further, because, compared to what I can imagine as realistically attainable in my lifetime, I live in misery.

As an abstract vision, this is very clear to me, but I know from experience that an abstract vision isn’t sufficient to motivate people into concrete action.

What project would I invite you to join, as a way toward this vision?

I’m in Tamera, and I don’t know of any project better than Tamera. At the same time, it’s obvious that Tamera isn’t good enough, and I’m not sure it can improve fast enough. (source)
At this point I come to the boundary of my own clarity. Whatever project I would name, I would need to be part of it, and at the moment I’m not in any project that I have real confidence in.

So, as a start: dear friends, would you please leave comments below?

I have three questions:

Can you imagine the world I want to go to? If so,

Do you want to go there with me? If so,

What’s the first step you think we should take?

Threshold of Action - April 23, 2017 - Veda Cooperative