Week 18

Report — January 13, 2018 —

Today we made our first experiment in assembling to decide as a cooperative.

We gathered questions important to us the day before, and met to find answers for them. We brought 35 questions, and found 11 answers.

Here are our results:

The numbers you’ll see before the questions refer to cards on our kanbans; we speak about “card 834”, for example. 834: How can we encourage Annelies and Shirley more to feel more autonomy in co-creating in Veda?

We say, “Ganbare-yo!”, and state again and again that everything is possible.

We welcome Shirley and Annelies to communicate more on Loomio, so that we are informed and better able to offer support.

We were learning how to document our decisions, as we went along. We recorded some comments where it wasn’t clear to me whether we intended to publish them or not. I’m doing the best I can to represent what we spoke, and asking for corrections to my mistakes. 838: What is our vision?

A culture that is able to receive the displaced people, abandoned places, wasted material and scattered knowledge of the old cultures collapsing around it, and to integrate them in a new culture, using unused, lost energy towards healing.

830: What does it mean to be part of Veda?

Being part of Veda means to be dedicated to be working together with everyone, everything, and ourselves.

Some comments on how we answered the question, “What is Veda?”: one of us said the words were too big and too empty to be meaningful, and another suggested asking this question again every week, listening to answers from everyone. 837: What is Veda?

Veda is an ever-improving language used by humans that want to work together.

818: What do we want to change in week 19? How do we want to feel at the beginning of our next assembly, and what is the simplest way to feel that?

What do we want to change in week 19? Collecting questions through the week, writing them on KanBan and have open conversations about them through the week on Loomio so that we might gather answers before the assembly.

How do we want to feel at the beginning of our next assembly? We feel secure in the knowledge that everything is moving well and handled well.

Simplest way: Using KanBan look at what is already there and making sub-tasks

KanBan: information gathering, not answering on information (no Ping-Pong) Loomio and/or Signal: discussion and more info

Note: Adrian’s concern about the use of the right information channel for connecting Is a new questionI opened a new kanban card for this, 853, to answer later.

This was our first question. The answer is noticeably messier than the others. After this we learned to write one answer from all of us, rereading and rewriting it as necessary to come into accord. 817: How do we assign household tasks? (Cooking, cleaning, etc.)

Answer: Making a list

Shirley: Who does the assigning?

Arne: Making a list with all the tasks, put it on the fridge

Spencer: assigning tasks in the weekly assembly in function of the availablity when people are in the house

Diogo: KanBan

Task assigned to ArneOpened card 854.

831: What would be perfect for Annelies in this moment? Joining Veda or being supported by Veda to bring her vision and gifts into the world? Or can these both be combined? What would be the most efficient use of her time and energy?

Joining Veda and being supported by Veda are the same thing. We invite Annelies to craft a proposal for what would be the most efficient use of her time and energy to bring her gifts into the world, including a list of her gifts and talents, so that we see in more detail who she is and who she wants to be.

We would like Annelies to see and know that she is welcome to bring in her ideas and energy, to see them as another puzzle piece in the creation of Veda.

We assigned Arne to work with Annelies on building a vision for herself during week 19.Opened card 855.

847: Is Annelies part of a team?

We see Annelies as being in an experiment of working together with the settling team.

Celebrating a mistake: we’re publishing some names without consent. Next time pay more attention to when this might happen, and call it to awareness, so that we can open a card reminding us to ask first. This time, I’ll ask afterward, ready to purge the names from our records if requested. 824: What does Fabian have to do with Veda?

Fabian is closely connected with Spencer, the two of them carrying a dream of home together. We acknowledge that Fabian sees himself as an integral part of Veda as a culture, as distinct from the cooperative and its teams.

Adrian is strongly connected to Fabian, as there is a friendship and there are corresponding pieces of knowledge from different areas of knowledge, which want to come together. Adrian sees himself more as a technology guy, and Fabian as an ecology guy, and says they share a common dream.

We have a question about whether Monte Novo is Spencer’s project or Fabian’s.Opened card 856

825: What does Andrea have to do with Veda?

We asked Andrea to create a list of places in cooperation with Veda. amd to give reflections on our process, so that we can improve. We acknowledge he did a pretty good job. This is an experiment in cooperation.

We invited Andrea to participate in our decisionmaking on Loomio, and we have questions about what we (including him) expect in that relationship. He responded with a block to one proposal, raising the question for us if he or our teams expected this to formally block the proposal.

We decided to treat only members of our cooperative as having the formal power to block a proposal, and we will clarify that with anyone we invite to our Loomio groups going forward.

We assigned Spencer to clarify with Andrea our expectations for communication on Loomio, inviting Andrea’s intelligent heart.

Celebrating a mistake: it took an enormous amount of time to find this answer, relative to the others. My part in it was to forget I had placed it near the top of the list, before one of us looked through the whole list and reordered it, leading to us answering it at night, at the very end. We were tired. As a result, we learned the importance of prioritizing our agenda well before we assemble. Opened card 859 to develop a method for that. 843: How do we proceed with Tamera?

We intend to give a gift to Tamera. Before we do that we want to develop a webpage containing our ethics about gift economy.

We are faced with a cultural decision about whether we estimate how long we expect work to take and share that information, knowing that sharing it has consequences for the expectations of who we share it with, or do we consistently say “it takes as long as it takes”.Opened card 858: “When, how, and with whom do we share time estimates?”

Week 18 - January 13, 2018 - Veda Cooperative