Our Roles and Goals

We play a part in the world, calling ourselves Veda Coop.You can read about our roles and goals as a cooperative on this page.

We see ourselves as part of an ultroneous“Ultroneous” means spontaneous and voluntary. organization, together with all beings.

We consider our organization to consist of organs, which may be organisms, ecosystems, or organizations of other kinds.

To understand our organization better, to make it easier for us to work together, we write roles that describe the behavior we expect of ourselves and other organs.

We know that our roles, as written, will never exactly match what is really happening. We use roles as a tool to learn, a mirror to reflect what is happening, at the same time as a statement of what we desire to be happening.

Our roles and our behavior are continuously changing one another, in a cybernetic feedback loop.

Our Roles and Goals - Veda Cooperative