Open Works

This page is a collection of open works that we’ve created.

Bitcoin Mining Guides

This is a pair of PDF manuals created by Nuno de Meyrelles in the process of setting up a cryptocurrency mining installation, using the Antminer S9.

You can download the installation guide here, and the user guide here.

Their Love Is Like This

A work of fiction written by Spencer Campbell in 2014, in a fugue of lovesick inspiration that produced 250 pages in about nine weeks.The first words were written on 2014-12-07, and the first draft, which hasn’t changed much since, was finished on 2015-02-16.

The writing is entirely unlike what you’ll find on this site. The beliefs and values of the characters are different to those of the author.The author is frankly a little freaked out by the whole thing. It doesn’t feel like he wrote it. It’s one of his favorite books, though, so he’s more happy than disturbed by its existence.

Links to download, in various formats:

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